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Privacy Policy

InfoVision Co.,Ltd. are committed to protecting your personal information in accordance with the following policies by establishing the privacy policies and structuring personal information protection.
The purposes of use of personal information
The personal information we collect is used for notifying you about our services, analysis and statistics of our business activities and marketing, and replying to your inquiries etc.
Collection of personal information
When we collect your personal information, we specify the purposes of the use in advance. In addition, when it is obvious, upon acquisition of personal information, that we will provide third parties with such information, we specify the information about the third party to which your personal information will be provided.
Personal information management
We strictly manage personal information by resorting to necessary measures such as maintenance of security and administrative systems, by implementing safety measures, in order to keep personal information accurate and updated , and to prevent unauthorized access, damage to, loss, falsification and leakage of personal information.
Disclosure of personal information to customers
When customers requested to disclose their personal information, we promptly respond and issue document to disclose personal information, except for cases below.
  • - when it violates the law
  • - when we are not able to confirm the authority of the attorney in case when you requested disclosure of personal information through attorneys
Suspension of use of personal information
When we are requested to suspend, delete, terminate or stop of provision to the third party due to that the personal information is not handle correctly, obtained correctly, or violating the policy of provision to the third party, we do a necessary research for a reasonable period of time and respond except when suspension, deletion, termination or stop of provision to the third party is unrealistically difficult to execute due to too much expense needed or etc.
When you want to request for disclosure, correction, suspension, termination of personal information, or stop of provision to the third party, please contact us from this page "Contact us".