INFOVISION Co.,Ltd. provide marketing support services, including exhibition management,
booth designs, exhibition participation support, SNS advertising, etc.

Our Advantage

We offer a wide range of exhibition management services in Japan.

Based on our various experiences in organizing exhibitions, acting as secretariat, and decorating exhibition booths, we can provide a wide range of services, from cost-effective exhibition planning and troublesome organizing tasks, to venue layout and event-day management.



Making use of our experience as an organizer, we will make your request come true.


Teaming up with you to share a goal and support from beginning to end.


Creating an exhibition that can discover new things and find a new business opportunity.

We will continue to be a team of professionals run by a select few.
We create a event with just a small staff team. People usually asks us why is it possible to hold such a big exhibition with a small team. That is because we proceed with a project by collaborating closely with various subcontractors.
We will continue to be a team of professionals run by a select few.

Trade Show Management

INFOVISION Co.,Ltd. offer a wide range of exhibition management services in an efficient way.

We streamline a process of holding & managing a exhibition: agency service, reception system, visitor management, making a show report etc.
Progress management
Being aware of our client's needs, we set up an event and manage the progress of the entire project. Based on many years of experience in Japan, we offer a wide range of exhibition management services.

Business Outline

  • Budget control
  • Attraction of exhibitors
  • Event planning, Construction
  • Booth design
  • Brochure, catalog, manual and pop display
  • SNS & Newsletter promotion
  • Press release, Public relations
  • Reception system, Visitor management
  • Inquiry desk
  • Operations manual (for Exhibitor, Organizer)
  • Admission pass, Name card
  • Guidebook, Printing
  • Arrange shipping from overseas
  • Guide & Staff arrangement
  • Audio/visual equipment, Signboard
  • Lighting/sound system
  • Translation
  • VIP & Performer treatment
  • Party planning
  • Making a show report

DX (Digital Transformation) for Real Exhibition

- QR code reception system (database construction)
- Reservation system for business meeting
- Equipment application and settlement system

Building An Online Exhibition System

- Reservation system for online business meeting
- Support services for webinar
- Construction of B2B online platform
(wholesale and payment)

Development Of Multilingual Online Exhibition

We offer you "usable" online exhibition systems that was actually tested in actual exhibitions.

The hybrid type of "online exhibition & real exhibition" has become the standard for many exhibitions, both domestic and international.
By supporting multiple languages, it is possible to approach not only domestic but overseas buyers. Furthermore, the greatest merit of online exhibitions is that they allow you to make cost-effective proposals to overseas exhibitors. For organizers and management companies who are thinking of holding online exhibitions, you can further expand your business opportunities. Please contact us for more information.
Development Of Multilingual Online Exhibition

Purpose of the online exhibition

  • While the importance of real exhibitions in terms of people-to-people contact and encounters will continue to increase, We believe that opportunities for communication across distance and time, such as online business negotiations, will also increase. So, we propose an exhibition that can create opportunities for new encounters and business creation by taking advantage of the advantages of both real and online exhibitions.
Function as an online business meeting
As a unique feature of the online exhibition, there is an inquiry form that allows you to easily receive inquiries from visitors, and for those who wish to further discuss business, there are text chat and video call functions available for exhibitors and visitors.
In addition, by holding the exhibition before and after the real exhibition, we aim to expand business opportunities with as many domestic and overseas visitors as possible, as well as those who could not attend the exhibition due to distance.

In-house managed site

From web design to website construction and management, we do it all in-house.

We design, build and operate several websites in-house. We can leverage this expertise to create websites, event announcement landing pages, and other services to meet your needs.

Managed websites



The Exhibition of Action sports & Outdoor



A BtoB platform for buyers & suppliers online

Exhibition Participation Support

We support participating in various exhibition.

Not only organizing an exhibition but we provide a variety of support to enter into Japanese market to overseas company.

- Booth design & Construction
- SNS promotion
- Press release, Public relations
- Arrange shipping and application for imported goods
- Staff arrangement, Audio/visual equipment, Signboard
- Lighting/sound system
- Translation

[Achievements] Tokyo Tower Art Fair / Sawakami Fund Investment Report Fair / INTERSTYLE: The Exhibition of Action sports & Outdoor / JATA Travel Showcase etc.

Exhibition Participation Support

Company Overview

We offer a wide range of exhibition management services and market research in Japan.

Company Name INFOVISION Co.,Ltd.
Address 213, 1-33-8 Hakusan, Bunkyou-ku, Tokyo, 113-0001 Japan GoogleMap
Tel +81-3-5840-8042
Fax +81-3-5942-4400
President Toru Watanabe
Established 8th August, 2003
Capital 10,000,000JPY
Banks Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation / Sugamo Shinkin Bank
Business Activities

[Organised and operated exhibitions]
- INTERSTYLE : The Exhibition of Action sports & Outdoor.

[Company-operated website]
- USNET : A BtoB platform for buyers & suppliers online.

[Agency Business]
- Exhibition / Trade show management services.
- Web-based information providing service.
- Advertising agency.

Clients A total of about 2,500 companies which is related to Exhibition, Board Sports, Outoodr and Pet & CBD industry.
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